God Friended Me

God Friended Me is a wonderful series available in Amazon Prime. I recommend you all to watch this. Every episode has good plot and in the second season it gets more better.

About the series:

Miles Finer is a podcaster who is vocal about his disbelief in God. His life, and those of people around him, changes when he receives a friend request on a social networking site from the Almighty.
During this lockdown make sure to check this series,

Link - God Friended Me

God will make a Way


Why a Hindu Priest Left the Religion to Follow Christ


Comforter Digital Channel

Mission of Comforter Digital Channel is,

To offer real Comfort and affirm life to the weary and burdened humanity with Hope, Restoration and a New Life in JESUS CHRIST through the Spirit and Life filled Word of GOD.

Comforter Digital Channel gives you the option to watch Movies, Songs, Messages, Download Christian books and materials for free.

Most of the media are in Tamil language, few English contents are available. They are working on adding more media in different languages so that the site will be real comfort to you.

Link -

John 20:29


Our Daily Bread Annual Edition

Our Daily Bread is a wonderful book which helps you to read the entire Bible in a Year. I use it and i am so blessed by the message for the day and Bible reading. I recommend you to buy this and give it a try.

The Book is priced at Rs. 150 and you can get the copy in different languages (refer Image).

To get yourself a copy of the book head over to

Note: Due to Covid-19, delivery of the book might get delayed or be unavailable.

VerseVIEW - Powerful Software

What is VerseVIEW?
VerseVIEW is a Bible and Song presentation software which will benefit your Church service, Ministry and personal devotion. It enables one to display Bible verses and song lyrics in multiple languages simultaneously in a presentation format. It is very useful for bi-lingual Churches that use digital projectors to project verses during services. It also benefits individuals to read Bible text in two languages side-by-side. VerseVIEW provides us with wonderful and powerful Bible Presentation Software, Songbook App and Mobile Bible.

If you like to try their Presentation Software in PC, follow these steps.

VerseVIEW 7.2.2 for Windows and Mac - Download
(Install Adobe AIR first)

If you like to check out their Mobile Bible,

Android App

iOS App

If you like to try out their VerseVIEW Songbook,

Android App

iOS App

For all your Frequently Asked Questions visit their FAQ page.